Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Don't Taste the Shape a phrase my husband quotes from his father all the time. He said his father said it a lot (remember, I didn't get to meet my father-in-law, since he died right before I met my husband).

He was referring to food: that even though it might not be presented perfectly, or misshapen, as long as it tastes good, it's alright by him. For example: a weird-shaped cookie (not perfectly round or cookie cutter perfect).

I'm laughing, because he probably wasn't referring to babies and Lego Duplos, or babies and *gasp* quilting rulers! Yup, one of the first senses that babies use to explore is taste!

He is so adorable!
Moda's Facebook page had a giveaway of their new favorite tools during Quilt Market, and I won Jaybird's new Mini Hex n More ruler!

I was holding the baby when my package came to the door, and I was so excited. The baby had to explore the "shape" while I looked at the pattern.

They sent the Mini Disco pattern as well. I'm so glad they included a pattern, because how else are you to learn to use a new tool without a pattern to go with it? Thank you!

So now, I have a complete set of Jaybird Rulers! Hooray!

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