Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starting a Claddagh


I decided to start some handwork. I found a lovely Claddagh stencil at (The Stencil Company).

I traced the Claddagh onto a big square of the pale yellow Fairy Frost. Then I found scraps of green blender and the gold Fairy Frost, fused them on scraps of Wonder Under, then traced the heart and  crown on the paper sides. Cut out the shapes, removed the paper, and fused the shapes into place on the tracing on the background. Then I sewed a tiny blind stitch on the machine for the appliqué stitches, but it was too raw edge for me. So I switched to a satin stitch. Much better!

Now I'm ready to outline stitch by hand. I found a nice dark green embroidery floss and away I go!

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