Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's my birthday, shout hooray!

I realize that I am now as old as there are inches in a yard!

Last night at work in the ER, I walked up to my friend and neighbor and coworker, who is a nurse, and said "I feel old. It's my birthday in 15 minutes. 18 years ago we graduated from high school and we were freshman room roommates." 

she's like "wow, it has been that long! Now I feel old too! ". And we chuckled, and the secretary said "what a small world!" and wished me happy birthday.

My birthday present to myself was a Solstice by Kate Spain layer cake, plus a mini-charm pack of Solstice. Thank you, Cotton Bliss !

And my hubby bought the dVD of Divergent for me, so we will cuddle and watch the movie tonight after all the little ones are in bed, and before he goes back on shift.

We already had dinner and cake, and I'm taking a break nursing the baby. Gotta go back and chat some more with my hubby's mother and brother who came to party.

See you later!


  1. Ha ha, I am " one inch over a yard " and definitely feel old at times, but quilting keeps us young, especially fanric buying... Didn't you know? It is the best anti-age you could buy!
    Happy birthday!!!( fijne verjaardag!)

  2. A belated Happy Birthday. It is always fun to buy yourself something that you want. I wish I was as old as a yardstick still but that time has passed me by.