Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm so tired all the time right now. I guess I'm just wearing a lot of hats.


Trying to finish more pieces of projects.

Baby got his 6-month shots and got a bit sick, then his first tooth crowned! Talk about keeping me up nights. And he's nearly crawling, and the past two days, he's been doing awesome, getting up to sitting on his own.

Biggest brother's first two adult bottom teeth crowned and he lost his first baby tooth.  It was the week of the teeth!

The first center block of the Hawaiian-style appliqué.

I was able to cut two of the background triangles for the on-point setting. Then I cut another appliqué, and got two sections basted onto the two triangles. I'm definitely getting faster at the needle-turn appliqué.  Now I need to wait for payday to get more background fabric.

It was fun listening to book on CD while I cut and basted and stitched this week. Jennifer Chiaverini's "The Aloha Quilt", and I was so glad to learn more history of Hawaiian-style quilts, Hawaiian history, and symbolism behind Hawaiian-style quilting. As I stitched, I could recognize parts of the symbolism in the Plumeria design that I'm stitching.

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks that I finished this week:

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