Friday, August 22, 2014


What's progress?

I finished two of the Hawaiian-style appliqué setting triangles. And I'm out of background fabric big enough to cut the other two triangles. I'm waiting for more fabric to come in the mail.

I've got just 1 1/2 blocks left to piece for my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. The Winding Ways block is being a pain. The outside curves are too long for the background pieces, so they're practically gathering. I'm afraid they might not ever lay flat, even with steaming the seams. I think it's an extra block anyway, so it's probably not going in the quilt.

I've been a little busy, with baby getting two teeth in, middle brother getting a cold and giving it to baby. Nursing has been a pain, with a baby so stuffed up its hard gor him to eat, plus him not sleeping well. But he's on the upswing, I think!

School open houses happened on Monday, to meet teachers. My two bigger boys are attending two different schools. S is riding the bus to two towns away for his new autism unit 2nd grade, and J is starting kindergarten next week at our neighborhood elementary school. S is so excited to start school again and ride the bus--I think he just completed a great first week back.

I'm a little flabbergasted to learn J will have a homework every week. Not just reading with mom/dad. Is homework in kindergarten common?
(my mom homeschooled me until 3rd grade, so I have no idea.)

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