Thursday, August 9, 2012


I entered a giveaway today for Jaybird Quilts and Martingale Publishing, for her new book "Skip the Borders". It looks like a neat book with good ideas. The question they asked for the giveaway is Have you broken any quiltmaking “rules”? Or do you take a more tried-and-true approach to your quilts? Tell us your quilt story.
My answer was nothing specific, but I told my story:
"When I think of rules, I giggle and paraphrase "Pirates of the Caribbean": "Stick to the code! The code? They’re not rules, more like guidelines, really!"
I started quilting with a class and a book. Its important to learn the basics. Since then, I’m self-taught with more books and websites. I bought QuiltPro software to help me draw and design and color blocks that i find and love from other places, like magazines. I spend a lot of time thinking and planning before I actually "do". Even when I think I have a "final" design, I often change another color arrangement or add another block. I think it’s important to challenge yourself and continue to learn and grow as you go along. One reason I love a lot of samplers is because you can learn new techniques and construction orders. Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable with a new technique, or you absolutely love doing the new thing! It’s a journey!
Thanks for a giveaway! This would be great to have and use."
I enjoy entering giveaways, not just because of a chance at cool stuff, but because I learn about myself and my quilting journey by answering the questions.

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