Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog fun

So excited this week. I feel special.
I've been following Quilters Newsletter 12 Days of Christmas Quilts blog tour. It's been so much fun seeing a that gorgeous Christmas fabric and quilts. And entering for prizes is awesome!

Then I made a comment on Quiltmaker's blog last week, about "Why Quilts Matter!" and this week, they posted part of my comment! Not only do I love entering to win beautiful Quilty stuff, but I learn so much about myself, as a person, as a quilter, my style, as I answer questions in blogs. Its a perfect opportunity to get into words what i feel every day as i create, and to save those words for myself to remember. Then I get new inspiration from other wonderful quilters. I love sharing.

Here's my entire post on Quiltmaker:

August 23, 2012
Q: Why do quilts matter to you?
A: Wow--complicated and fun question!

My first experience with quilting was in college and took a class for Home Ec. credit. I fell in love with quilting, and I had a special teacher who shared her love, her knowledge, some history, along with skills. I had an English paper course that quarter and needed a topic--I chose quilting history in America, and why it is important. Eventually, I submitted that paper to my honor society and won--and got it published!
I found that quarter that quilting is fun, relaxing, creative for me, and designing is fun! I got to know my grandmother better by interviewing her for my paper, and seeing her collection of quilts. She shared scraps of her fabric stash with me, that I put into my quilt for class. Fabrics that were used for my mother's dresses while she grew up, and things like that. I was working on my quilt, my Madison House block, when I found my dad lost his job...I remember that! Now, quilting is about serving others, sharing joy and skills and creativity. A creative outlet for me, being a mom, but also because of being a mom and wife--I picked up quilting again because of baby quilts for my children. And now I want to make quilts for others! And now I have my own blog to document my own journey. I feel like more of a member of community because I have been following blogs and asking questions...I don't feel so lonely as a mom now.

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