Thursday, September 6, 2012

Light in sewing spaces

As I quilt my two (yes two) little fire truck quilts, I had to pause and admire what a difference more lighting can do.

The other night my husband asked me where I'd like to hang the Maltese Dresden. He said he would suggest his Man Cave, which is the firefighter-themed room of the house, but he wanted more people to see it because it was special and he indicated he felt it was a huge achievement for me. Ahhh*sigh* my hubby loves me!
I suggested in the living room above the keyboard. And he, the firefighter, said no, because the quilt would be too close to the lamp. Fire hazard. Grrr. "Ok, I'm not using the keyboard a lot right now; what about me putting the lamp next to my sewing table, where I know I need it every day." He agreed to that.

So after more rearranging of my sewing space two days later, I'm enjoying more light, especially in the evening with no extra light coming in the window. My poor eyesight sure appreciates it! If there's one thing I learned from Household Equipment class at BYU, was that lighting is equipment and just as important as other appliances and tools. Yup!

1 comment:

  1. More light is nver a bad thing.

    And I SO understand the "too close" comment. It is always foremost in our minds too.