Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nowhere slowly

Ever feel like you're stuck on the same projects for a really long time? Whether you're stumped and scared, or stumped and don't know what to do next, or other projects just keep getting in the way, or no matter how much you work on something, it just doesn't seem to get any progress? And you love the project, and enjoy it, but you really want to move on to more projects?
I have a couple of those right now.
1--My little fire truck quilts seem to be taking forever to outline the trucks, ambulances, and ladder trucks. Doesn't help when I take a break and come back to the spool of King Tut Superior Thread ($10.00 a spool!) is off the machine and knotted nests are all over the basement, thanks to my little guy!
2--my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler king-sized quilt. It started with a BOM at Dave's Bernina, just twelve, and we finished the 12, and I got ambitious and planned a king-size with 42 blocks. I'm hand piecing a few. But otherwise, piecing the blocks have taken a backseat to other projects. Not to mention I have a Garden Maze setting to make for it, and two more borders. And how am I going to pay for backing and batting and border fabric? And how I'm going to layer and quilt the thing on my tiny-but-loved Bernina? I haven't had time to watch my Craftsy class on that very subject yet, to be able to plan.
4--in conjunction, I sigh at my own goofs that take more time. A bit of hand-piecing the Love-in-Mist at work in snatches yesterday, with setting in tiny squares into the diamond sets. Got 3 of 4 done, and after work, realized that I'd used the wrong color squares for those sections! Snip snip, redo. "sigh"

3--skirt. I get everything up to the zipper done, and then put off doing a zipper, so it all sits.

Do you have a certain task or sewing step that you detest or think is drudgery?

Projects I'd like to do or get going on:

1-Brown Bear quilt kit. (will need to replenish a few of the fabrics before I start--$ needed for that to happen)
2--Cat in the Hat dress up hat for my little guy. Maybe Halloween? Need to buy felt.
3--firefighter station quilt for my hubby. I'm ready to go, just need to make copies of the foundations and buy more fabric.

End of the night report:
1-outline quilting on fire trucks done. Next: flames in background and big outside borders. Should I do some bitty quilting in the small red borders, and the bitty black roads???
2--Dresden for my patriotic sampler. Hand-pieced, hand-appliqué with a slip stitch, but the center circle is machine-appliqué with my new favorite blind-stitch. I was ready to be done with it!

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