Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I set aside some of the quilting I've been doing and decided to just do some piecing over the weekend. No church meetings were scheduled on Sunday, so me and the boys hung out. I got to piece all afternoon! So nice to just sit and enjoy myself.

I paper-pieced the Dogtooth Violet, and strip-pieced some parts of the Silver and Gold, to get ready for template-cutting the diamonds.

Then on Monday afternoon, little guy practiced cutting skills, with my help, while we trimmed copies of foundations for more fire trucks and ambulances. That's for my husband's fire station quilt. And I liked the Tennessee/Liberty Star striped block so much, I had made a few more foundations and extra strips cut, so we cut out those extra foundations, so I can do another one. Also cut out the foundations for the 6" version of Star of the Orient.
Then while Dancing With the Stars and Castle premiered last night, I used my Silver and Gold template to cut the diamonds from the strip set. Also cut strips and found scraps for the Star of the Orient.

Add to that, we need to update our desktop computer. It's old and slow We'll try a factory reboot first. That means I spent all Sunday night making sure I had all my files, quilting files, pictures, etc, copied over to the external drive. And burned my downloaded, bought, Quilt-Pro add-ons to CDs.
Whew! So great to get a lot of quilting done!

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