Sunday, April 21, 2013

Practice takes time

Ever noticed that preparation and warmup and practice take longer than the actual task you're going to do? And that it takes you a lot longer than you planned for? And just when you get into a great rhythm on the actual task, you look at the clock and realize it's way too late and you're tired?! Yeah. Happened tonight. Happens all the time.

They tell you to warmup. I couldn't find any sandwiches to practice my motifs on...they were full! I had to make more quilt sandwiches; but I used up some scraps of batting trimmed off other quilts!
Waste not!
Then I spent considerable time looking through my book of "501 Motifs" from Quiltmaker Magazine. (love that book!) and DesignBuilder book, looking for more inspiration.

Finally, I got comfortable with my motif, and moved onto the actual quilt. The center star is a complicated print, so it was hard to see my markings. Add that to the bulk under the little arm of my (beloved) Bernina, and it ended up a bit more wobbly than I wanted.

Then the motif in the smaller square was much more precise, thanks to the smaller area and less big movement. Now I'm excited to do more, But it's late. And I was up way too late last night. (I worked noon to 12:30 am, and got home at 1:00 am, chilling on Facebook to relax before bed when my brother, stationed in Korea in the Air Force, grabbed me for a conversation. Yikes--almost 3 am before I got to bed! So I was groggy most of the day.

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