Monday, April 8, 2013

Heart Corners and Spring Break

It was a long Spring Break week. We took the kiddies to mini-golf Monday in the rain...well, the indoor course. Monday night, I worked the graveyard. I woke up Tuesday afternoon and worked a longer graveyard shift. Needless to say, I felt pretty crappy Wednesday and Thursday, but we took the kiddies for walks to the park since the weather turned nicer. I worked 12 hours Friday and 7 hours Saturday. I'm exhausted!!!!

Whew, it's been so nice to sit and be a bum, listen to my Church's Conference on the radio, play with my boys, and hand-stitch binding today. Tonight, I got some more stitching done on the Celtic appliqué. Isn't the heart in the inside corner so sweet?

I posted this yesterday on my private blog. oops!

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