Sunday, June 30, 2013

More good news!

I'm so excited to announce to all my Quilty friends that I am expecting child #3, due February 2! We are very excited and my little guys are so curious and excited, too!

And of course, I'm starting a list of items I need to sew and quilt to get ready for baby!
I've never gotten a baby shower, so there  are some things that I'd really like to have. 

1--if it's a girl, I will need to make a white blessing gown. In the LDS Church, the baby's daddy (or close family member) who holds the priesthood, gives the baby a blessing and their name, accompanied by a circle of male priesthood holders who are family and friends. This usually happens during a regular church service.

2-- Two car seat carrier covers. I would like one for the car seat, and one to attach to the bassinet shade. The bassinet and its shade is white, so it doesn't shade the baby well.

3--At least two nursing covers. I found several tutorials that I would like to try.

Has anyone ever made one before? What do you think about having soft nylon horsehair braid in the bottom hem? And what about making it reversible  (two layers of cotton fabric? Would that reduce breath-ability?)

3-- A crib-sized quilt! That's a no-brainer and a necessity! I like mine 44x60.

Any colors depend on whether it's a boy or girl ! If it's a girl, I want purple and yellow and cute flowers and butterflies. So that would translate to adding:
4--bassinet and crib sheets (crib sheets I would buy; I had to deconstruct the included sheet and draw a pattern to make more bassinet sheets.)
5--and a girl would necessitate making lined curtains, too.

When it comes to baby items, I firmly believe that having at least two of every item is necessary because of messes and washing. That's part of life with a new baby. :-). You can never have too many burp cloths, zipper feetie pajamas, and onesies.

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