Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charm Swap

I joined the Kate Spain Charm Swap, hosted by Quilts from My Crayon Box.blogspot.com.
I couldn't help it, because Kate Spain is my favorite designer!
Yesterday, I was able to cut my fabric onto charms.

I used the purple and stone-blue damask prints from the Cuzco collection. Two of my favorites!

I even got another Swoon block 80% pieced together last night!

This morning, I started cleaning my house for the baby shower on Saturday. (I know this sounds weird, but this is my third and last child, and I've never received a baby shower before! My sweet best friend suggested it, and  is hosting it.)
By the time I was done for the day at noon, my back and wrists and hands were cramping and weak. I just knew that I wouldn't be in any shape to do some sewing the rest of the day.

After getting cleaned up and eating lunch, little brother and I headed to the post office to mail the charm squares. Yay! A quick stop at the Dollar Tree found a bunch of fun calendars for next year, them we headed home.

We arrived home just in time for big brother to arrive on the bus, so we all took off for a walk to the mailbox and to the park. We were all glad to get out in the sunshine, even though it was a chilly 40 Fahrenheit with a bit of a breeze. My back and hands and wrists were killing me by then. I made dinner, took Tylenol, and settled into the sofa to ice and heat my hands and rest my back--I nearly fell asleep!

What a day in the life of a mom, huh?
I'm spent, so it's off to bed.

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