Saturday, November 16, 2013

Swoon 7 & 8, 100 Blocks Blog Tour fun

This week has felt really productive for me. There hasn't been many hours at work to pick up (boo for my budget), but that means lots of time to sew.

I had my 28 week doctor's appointment this week...the baby sounds good and my blood pressure is great. Last Saturday, my best friend hosted a fun baby shower for me. Not as many people showed up as I had hoped for, but it was still wonderful and fun.
I think I'm suffering from a nasty head cold or a sinus infection. Hard to tell, but I'm miserable.

I've been working on more Swoon blocks.

# 7 and #8

Number 8 had two directional prints--in one block that was hard to piece!

I thought I had all the directionals figured out in the piecing of the flying geese and HST.

I guess you just do the best you can do, with a limited amount of fabric (fat quarters). Sometimes the print directions just don't work out the way you want, even after careful planning and marking and sewing.

Then I spent a lot of time this week, with my feet propped up, following Quiltmajer Magazine's 100 Blocks Volume 8 Blog Tour. Once again, it was a lot of blogs each day, but sew much fun! I really enjoy meeting the blog designers, hearing their inspiration behind their blocks and the design process, and seeing lots of color options and quilt options. And answering questions as part if giveaway comments helps me to learn more about myself as a person and quilter.

There's still time to comment and enter some giveaways ! and go to "blog" Quilty Pleasures 

Have fun and good luck!
I can't wait to see if I win any giveaways!

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