Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's a Boy! Color scheme help!

Alright friends, here's the big announcement: this baby is a BOY! Pretty unmistakable! The little guy definitely didn't like being poked and prodded and measured during the ultrasound.

My hubby is proud to have a third son. While I'm proud and still very excited, I am disappointed too. This is our last child, and I really did want a girl.

That being said, I'm trying to move forward and keep planning.

I'm looking for help with color combos for this baby's quilt !!!!

I'm planning to stick with my favorite plan: a star sampler of twelve 12" blocks,  in a 3x4 grid, framed by 2" sashing all around. I want a dark background with a medium accent for sashing and blocks, and three shades of yellow/gold for the stars.

I have already done blue-yellow, and green-yellow. I'm hesitant to do red-yellow, because S.'s favorite color is red, I'm working on his red Swoon right now, and I want a rest from all of this firefighter red.

Here's my first, for S.

Here's my second, for J., with him showing off.

What other colors can I do for a boy?

I did really fall in love with the grey-yellow palette that I used for my coworker's baby quilt.

And do you think a "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" quilt is appropriate for a baby girl quilt? Where the baby shower theme is "Please bring your favorite children's book" for the first-time mom to build her library.

I think I would make it a bit bigger, though. And maybe use pink or purple for the sashes.
This is the quickest quilt that I have completed to date. That might be good, because the baby shower is a week away!

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  1. Congrats on the news. I so understand your hopes for a girl but I know this little guy will be so loved.