Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September goals

September already, and Labor Day is done. Time to set some goals!

1--cut and appliqué the tires onto the rescue vehicles.
2-- If I'm lucky or ambitious, or whatever, cut borders and start piecing the rescue vehicles into the borders. The rest of the quilt top will go together quickly with those borders!
3--Piece at least 4 Swoon blocks, one each week of the month.
4--Try to start baby quilts for coworkers and my sister-in-law, and baby girls. I want to use some jelly roll strips.

I'm excited, because my brother was able to fly in from Korea, his current tour in the Air Force, to be there when his baby was born yesterday! She is a beautiful chubby little girl with dark hair. Mommy and baby are great and daddy is proud! They have three sons already and are so excited for their first girl! So I guess I'm already behind on that gift.

After the salsa, I'm still pretty disabled. My wrists and hands are still swollen, but getting more flexible. My fingers and hands still go numb and tingly at odd moments and long periods of time. I haven't been able to do much, but last night, I managed to sew the bumper/background strips to the rescue vehicles. I also fused the Wonder Under to the fabric for the tires and hubcaps. All of that didn't seem to hurt my wrists too much. I went slowly and took breaks. 

Thank goodness that I already have all the pieces cut for the Swoon blocks. That should help reduce stress. And using jelly roll strips for baby quilts should help, too.

Oh, and I'm not forgetting that I have two more weeks till I can find out what my own baby will be! That will definitely dictate what I can get started sewing for my own baby.


  1. Give that hand a rest girl! Lots of rest. It won't get better until it has as much down time as possible. I know that isn't easy but it is so necessary.

  2. Busy time! Good luck and take it easy.