Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remembering 9/11

Wow. 12 years later, and the disasters still horrify and fascinate and pain is still fresh.
Once again, my brother-in-law is posting FB pictures of dad's friends and fellow firefighters that perished in the towers on 9/11.
Here are some of my favorite pictures gleaned from Facebook first thing this morning.

Here is big brother, heading off to the school bus this morning. This is one of our favorite shirts. Daddy went on shift at the fire station this morning. We also have versions of this shirt that say "grandpa" and "uncle" too. "I wanna be a firefighter just like my dad"

This morning, I took little brother down to the city Memorial Park for our city's memorial service. Little brother just wanted to play on the playground as I sat and listened to the program.
Then I tried taking him to story time at the library, and that didn't go over well. I spent the afternoon after lunch, watching little brother and his best little friend running around playing. I was sitting in the sofa, marking HST and flying geese for the remaining Swoon blocks.

After I put the little guys to bed, I opened up my new iron, set up my portable table and portable Olfa cutting/ironing board, and turned on the History Channel to programs for remembering 9/11. (I am watching another one now: Miracle of Stairway B.)  I settled in to fuse tires and hubcaps to rescue vehicles.

(The little blue finger-cover is a new silicone finger-protector. More in those at a later time.)

I used paper towels as a pressing cloth. At least I could toss them if they were sticky with extra fusible web.

Then I worked on pressing HST and flying geese for two Swoon blocks. And then I pressed the bonus HST as well.

I felt that working on my own rescue vehicles was an appropriate way to remember the terrorist attacks and the 343 firefighters that lost their lives, tryi g to save the almost 3,000 others that lost their lives, too.
Goodnight all. May you keep the families and friends of those who died in the towers, in the planes, and in the Pentagon in your prayers.

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