Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making a bit of a mess

I'm trying to take things slowly, to take lots of rests, to help my wrists heal. It feels agonizingly ponderous, because I'm so anxious to see some real progress on my projects. I have so many ideas and so many projects...so many friends and family members having babies that I want to make gifts for....not to mention my own baby to prepare for!

And the way my body feels is not helping, either. My body doesn't handle being pregnant well. I'm exhausted all the time. Frequent headaches and dizziness happen often, and that makes it difficult for me to think clearly or pay attention. I'm coming to accept everyday naps as par for the course. And my doctor tells me that joint conditions and aches can be compounded during pregnancy. My wrists and the rest of my body make it difficult for me to work quickly.

One of my favorite sites, the Pregnant Chicken, posted this picture recently. I laughed out loud, because I happened to be feeling pretty badly that day, and it really cheered me up!

Don't get me wrong--I want this baby with all my heart, and I'm so very excited! And I hope that I don't sound complaining or ungrateful for this life growing inside me. I thought I had prepared myself for the pregnancy experience, seeing as my last two were difficult. It's still hard though, and being honest about how you actually feel during pregnancy is rare.

So back to quilting progress!

I've been chain-piecing as many Swoon block units as I can, in short bursts. Even holding my new, very lightweight iron can make my wrist ache. I need to get a better angle or something. 

The part I'm dreading is the trimming of the HSTs and the flying geese. There are so, so many in each Swoon block. I tried to get started trimming tonight, while watching tv, just to take it slowly. (it's not hard to take trimming slowly!). It takes a lot of pressure to hold the square-up ruler steady with one hand, and a lot of pressure to hold a rotary cutter steady with the other hand. I got through two blocks tonight, before my grip gave out in the middle of a cut, and my hand nearly overtook the open blade as I dropped the cutter. Pretty scary!  It was time to quit for the night.

Here's my little pile of messy trimmings!
Anybody want to take care of the trimming for me?  :-)

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  1. You need an assistant to do the trimming on that for you. As I mentioned before, the healing will take a long time. I know it is probably hard to hear but the best thing would be for you to take a while off from any sewing activities, like at least a month, but you could get caught up on your reading instead. The more you try to do, even in short spurts, the longer it will take to heal. Trust me, I know all too well.